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Our Story

Our Story began when Namratha Prashanth an aspiring winemaker from India had a chance meeting with Corinne Chevrier, a fourth generation winemaker from the region of Blaye. With a few parcels in her property, Château Bel-Air La Royère, Corinne took to teaching Namratha winemaking. Together they created 'Solicantus'. The immense savoir-faire of Corinne combined with the passion and perseverance of Namratha, this wine has been produced with utmost dedication for you, to share, to relax, to experience the sensory journey, to taste the melody, and to live life's beautiful moments.

It had been a long journey for Namratha who arrived in France, in 2017. After making a life changing decision of moving to Bordeaux to study wine after eleven years of personal turmoil. She had pushed boundaries and had dared to break free from the patriarchal society in India.  When in Margaux, a crown region in the Médoc, she started learning to love the sound of her feet as she walked through the vineyards of Château Siran. Living among the vines, understanding  the terroir and observing the people, their passion and the artistry that went into making great wines and soaking herself in this marvellous culture.

Because of her experiences in life, Namratha has pledged to dedicate a part of the wine sales  to educating children in India. Many children in these times still have no access to education. Namratha strongly believes that education is the key to progress and education is liberation of the mind and that it is the only way one can bring about change in society.

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